NGUE Diving Group is a combined total of diving applications with high quality and specifications!

All diving applications have exclusively connection to scuba diving.

All services, dive gear and diving projects are provided by NGUE and from companies of the same business group or from companies with common intrests with NGUE Diving Group.

Regarding locations, NGUE Diving Group covers the total Greek region as well as some operations abroad.

NGUE Diving Group started and continue to co-operate with divers that have a common aim and vision:
“more divers, to dive more often in the Greek seas, safer and with more pleasure”

To be more specific, NGUE Diving Group has a total placement in the scuba diving field which is categorized in the following four (4) sections:

If you are trying to spot the difference among scuba diving field, you are at the right site.

NGUE Diving Group

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