Artificial intelligence … underwater

NGUE is proud for taking part in development, installation and operation of NOUS system (uNdersea visiOn sUrveillance System).

We installed the NOUS system in Peristera’s Shipwreck, close to Alonnisos island in Sporades Greece.

Description of NOUS system in Peristera’s Shipwreck:

Prototype Installation of an underwater self-powered (with solar panels) system that provides real time:
-video streaming from 5 Underwater Cameras
-remote-controlled land-based survey camera
-complete weather data and statistics
-complete solar power data and statistics

The cameras are running an Image Recognition software, that can send alerts and updates relevant to on demand pre-programmed pattern recognition (divers, fishes, R.O.V. etc)

Conceptual design and implementation of housings and cameras / UW hub, electronics, network and machine learning algorithms by George Papalambrou (NTUA / School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) and Vasilis Mentogiannis (UFR Team).
Operations and diving support by Kostas Katsioulis (NGUE).

The project was commissioned and funded by the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities / Ministry of Culture & Sports under the European program “BLUEMED MED 2014-2020“

the real time underwater cameras streaming is not available to the public for the moment
– access to real time underwater cameras streaming is password protected! –