COVID-19 and diving

At a time when efforts are being made to reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease, it is even more important to take steps to protect all of us.

Regarding this, NGUE takes the following precautions:

  • when anyone arrives at NGUE facilities, he / she must wear a face protection mask
  • as well, all NGUE staff wear a face protection mask
  • the number of people who can be at the same time at NGUE facilities results from Government measures and laws
  • at this time, diving and diving traing schools are not allowed till 24th May 2020
  • masks, snorkels, regulators and the bcd oral inflator are thoroughly disinfected ( whatever contacts the mouth, the nose and the eyes of the diver)
  • the wetsuits, hoods, gloves, boots and bcd are disinfected and dried in the open space
  • the filters of the filling station (compresser) are replaced in the half time of the scheduled time
  • the filling station (compresser) gets air from an open space and not through NGUE facilities
  • the disinfection is done with a suitable solution of sodium hypochlorite, according to the current instructions
  • the disinfection solution is friendly to the envrinment
  • the first and second stages of the regulators (after disinfection procedures finished) are sealed in sterile disposable bags
  • during the sterilization procedures, all NGUE staff wear a face protection mask and disposable protection gloves

For any additional information please contact us.